The source article from Wired, contains possible spoiler pics, some of which are also below, so beware.

Hugh Hart over at Wired has a doozy of an article with a plethora of images and concept art and some background as to how McG approached the daunting task of reinventing the Terminator franchise.  Some of the images have been seen before, as they came out of a DGA screening and Q&A with the director and producers last month.  We covered a little bit of it here.

McG was apparently very forthcoming during the session and Hart has some interesting quotes from him, including, “Nobody heard ‘Terminator 4‘ and said, ‘Oh that’s a great idea
— I know, let’s get McG to do it!” said McG when he rolled clips from
his upcoming movie in Los Angeles earlier this month. “This asshole who
Charlie’s Angels, and what kind of cock calls himself McG?'”  And on the subject of the robots themselves: “The first film shows Schwarzenegger’s T-800 coming from 2029 back in time,” McG said. “Salvation
takes place in 2018, so you see the R&D that went into the T-800.
It’s like the polio vaccine: You’ve got to go through a lot of lab rats
to get to vaccine. In this film, humans are the lab rats. Skynet is
testing on us to figure out how to make a photorealistic, leaner,
smaller, more capable machine — the T-800.”

The article goes on to cover such subjects as how McG wanted to
envision the post-Judgment Day world, getting Jonathan Nolan to work on
the script and how that also led to getting Christian Bale.  It also
hits upon how McG tried to appeal to the man himself: “I didn’t want to feel like the guy who gave birth to the Terminator is against what we’re doing, so I go to see James Cameron
to kiss the ring and tell him what I was trying to do,” McG said. “He’s
cordial but says, ‘I’m not going to endorse your movie. I reserve the
right to hate it. But I wish you well, and if you’re going to make a
Terminator I’d prefer you make a good one to a bad one.'”

McG’s comments are cool, but the real grabber in the article are the
images and how they came about, including the “Hydrobot.”  Click on the
images below to enlarge and you can read the entire article and see many more
of the images here.

Thanks to Andres for the tip.

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