Years ago I was working at Disney and actually got to meet Buddy, the dog who had just become famous in the movie Air Bud.  The dog was friendly, even if the owner seemed like some Hollywood wannabe who was desperate to hang onto his new goldmine even after the dog had lost a leg to cancer.  A new litter of pups had just been born and the owner named each of them a version of Buddy (Buddi, Bud E., etc.).  And although Buddy would die from the cancer soon afterwards, the franchise was secure with his offspring starring in a bunch of sequels. 

Now the newest batch is set to premiere in the film Space Buddies, which is the third film in the Air Buddies franchise (the other being Snow Buddies).  The film is about a bunch of talking pups who get sealed in an unmanned space shuttle; sort of like Space Camp but with dogs.  A new clip has appeared on YouTube and will probably make the bassiet and kindergarten crowd happy, especially since there’s fart humor.  “Pull his paw.”  Genius.

Thanks to Ryan for the scoop.