After his deal at Dreamworks ended, Woody Allen seemed to embark on a tour of the studio Dependents, taking a moment to say hi to Focus and Fox Searchlight. He took a side jaunt to visit the Weinstein Company for a couple of pictures, and even though they got his movie some Golden Globe love, he’s decided to go back to those Dependents. Today it was announced that Sony Pictures Classics has picked up Whatever Works, the film that marks his return to New York City.

Whatever Works also looks to be the most traditionally Woody movie in years; starring Ed Begley Jr, Patricia Clarkson, Evan Rachel Wood and Larry David in what appears to be the Woody stand-in role, the film appears to be a New York City comedy that returns the director to the kinds of movies he made before jetting off to Europe on an extended filmmaking foray.

Of course nobody knows what it’s really about. The big movies can’t keep their secrets, but good luck getting so much as a log line on the latest Woody Allen.

Sony Pictures Classics was the home to Woody’s last great inarguably amazing film, Sweet and Lowdown (I’ve quite liked some of his later work, including Vicky Christina Barcelona, but as it stands now, Sweet and Lowdown is the last classic), so maybe this is a good sign. The film is due out in the summer, where it will surely show Transformers 2 who’s boss.