Ball: dropped.

Have the masses seen all the footage from the Trek teaser that Paramount unleashed back in November? I’d think so, since it was in front of Quantum of Solace, which did great business. Let’s hope I’m wrong, because if they had, when the new Superbowl teaser runs, they’ll realize that it’s almost exactly the same footage. Boo.

The spot is recut — the ‘young Kirk’ opening is gone — but the emphasis on Kirk finding his destiny is still there. Yawn. (Unless his destiny is banging some green babe.) There’s an introduction for McCoy, which is cool, but otherwise this is straight out of the recycle bin. The first teaser was better, to boot. The reception of the massive Superbowl audience is going to be the important point here, but Paramount and JJ Abrams could have done a lot more to ensure that folks are blown away and reinvigorated by Star Trek.