Probably now best known to fanboys the world over as the Comedian in a little upcoming movie you may have heard about, you know, WatchmenJeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast in Hammer Films’ latest production The Resident. Morgan will co-star along side two-time Oscar-winning babe Hilary Swank.

The Resident centers on a young physician (Swank) who moves into a Brooklyn loft where a series of bizarre events occur more often than not, which, naturally, leads the young woman to believe not all is good and well within her new dwelling. It turns out her landlord (Morgan) is one screwed up puppy, and he isn’t the cool dude he initially appears to be. Seems he’s getting a tad fixated on her.

When the hell are people going to realize moving into New York-based lofts, apartments, or penthouses is a bad idea? Rosemary’s Baby, The Sentinel, anybody?

Anyway, Antti Jokinen, a music video hot shot, will be making his feature-directorial debut on this one. Jokinen co-wrote the script with Robert Orr, which then saw a final pass by Erin Cressida Wilson.

No ETA on a release date for this one, but shooting is slated to get underway this May. Considering it’s a Hammer Film, though, I’ll consider it a miracle if it comes out at all.