There’s a new poster for X-Men Origins: Wolverine out today, but it’s been a weird little journey to getting there.

First of all, a fanmade poster that circulated a year ago started getting shown as the new poster. Why? Because it somehow ended up on the Fox Press site. I’ve included a screencap of that below. How is it possible that a year old fanmade poster ends up on an official Fox site? Are they stealing fan art now?

That poster, with the claws coming out of the steel, first appeared on the Superhero Hype boards last year. (thanks to Peter from Slashfilm’s Twitter for the link)

This image made the rounds for a little while, but then about two hours ago everybody got an email from Fox’s Press site that contained the real new poster. For some reason IESB is claiming that they have the exclusive on that poster, despite it appearing in every inbox in the land before noon today. Maybe Fox fucked them – it wouldn’t be the first time a studio promised somebody an exclusive only to share the image with everyone. Here’s the new Wolverine poster, of which I honestly have zero opinion. I guess it sort of looks like Wolverine #1 as drawn by Frank Miller.