So Tom Wheeler has been hired to write (rewrite?) Dreamworks’ long-simmering Shrek spin-off featuring Puss in Boots. Good for him — any writer working in this economy is fine with me, and I suppose there are people who want to see this film. Just like there are people who would watch an all-Celebrity Colonoscopy channel. There’s backstory to the character, who was in Shrek 2 and (I suppose — I’m not even going to bother to look this up) Shrek 3 but I doubt any of that really matters.

What I will bother to look up is the trailer to K. Gordon Murray’s import and dub of the Mexican Puss ‘n Boots from 1961. It’s phantasmagoric kiddie fare at it’s finest, and one of the most trying cinematic ordeals I’ve ever had to deal with. The implications of the Cat / Chicken relationship had me sleepless for weeks. Something Weird once had this available on DVD. If you’re looking for a way to convince your kids to watch less TV, track down that disc and set it on the children.