This screening is for Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville.

It is my belief that this will be the screening in which we are out of passes for in the shortest amount of time. Not because we weren’t given enough, but because it bodes to be one of the most potentially fun screenings since we started doing them back with the now-classic brilliant masterpiece The 6th Day*.

Friday the 13th. The remake. The one boasting a writing credit from former (and my other outlets but face it… his work here rocks them all) luminary Mark “Smilin’ Jack Ruby” Wheaton. Texan. Baseball fan. Glass wearer.

I’m dying to see this. You’re dying to see this. Teens are dying IN this. What isn’t to like?

Plus it continues our streak to a total of two, since we did a screening of Jason X back in the day. If you need to be informed about this movie, you obviously got linked to here from some “FREE SCREENING LINKS” website that has no merit. You want to see this, and you want to see this with us on the Monday before the film opens. Here’s how:

Using the appropriate link and including your mailing address (you will be amazed how many people skip this step), answer the three questions below to the best of your ability and hope you are chosen. These passes ARE FOR ONE PERSON. I will not send anyone two just because they hate going to the movies alone. To get a pass, EACH PERSON who wants to go has to enter and there’s no guarantees both will get chosen. Way I see it, see who gets them and arrange your plans accordingly. It’s Friday the 13th for God’s sake. It’s worth alienating someone for!

One entry per name, please. There is a way to guarantee a ticket, Atlanta dwellers… but it requires a passion for booze and smoke…

If you want to guarantee a ticket for yourself, head on over to Smoker’s Paradise (the cigar bar I help run) this Sunday between 2pm and 6pm and order a beer or glass of wine and maybe even puff a cigar (4090 Johns Creek Pkwy Suwanee, GA
30024 Phone: (770) 814-2155) and I’ll personally hand it to you. It helps out the joint and it ensures a pass for you. Plus, it’s the best hangout on the North side of town. Questions about the cigar bar, EMAIL ME, but I am not handling the passes so use the links below for that. You’re welcome to stay and watch the Super Bowl too!

Otherwise, here’s the questions:

1. Which is the best Friday the 13th thus far?

2. What’s the best horror remake of all time?

3. Which is your favorite kill in the series thus far?




* Trivia for whomever is doing the wiki. Hello?