I can’t begin to describe the anger I felt when I found out that the original cut of The Blair Witch Project was over two hours long. I know, I know– I thought the same thing you did. They’ve been holding out on us! Remember when you saw the film and the kids get lost and can’t find the map? Who didn’t think to themselves, “You know? This could go on longer. This should go on longer!”

As the ten year anniversary of The Blair Witch Project approaches, the film’s co-creators, Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick, spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about their desire to release the original cut of the film.

“There’s a really cool poetry reading scene in the hotel they spend the night in where Josh and Mike are dueling with their own poetry,” Myrick revealed. “At that point in the film we just had to get them into the woods, so as cool as it was it had to go. They shot so much cool stuff and they rolled on everything. I think we could put together at least another hour of really, really solid footage.”

It certainly sounds solid. The theatrical cut was too…concise. The film never lets you settle in and I think that it is a problem. The audience deserves to know more about these characters and to feel their bitter angst. Oh, and we need more tantrums! You guys got any of that stuff?

“There’s a great confessional with Mike that didn’t make the movie. He also had this great scene in the woods where he lost his mind, started punching trees, it was really hardcore,” says Myrick.

Well then I guess we know what to call the DVD. Lionsgate may not have any interest in The Blair Witch Project: 10th Anniversary DVD but maybe they might feel an inclination to release The Blair Witch Project: Really Hardcore Tree Punching Edition.