Hey, did you hear they’re making a new Transformers movie? Shockingly, there are toys to promote it, and we know that toy makers aren’t nearly as shy about photographing their product early as Michael Bay is with his. So Empire has four shots of the vehicle and robot forms of Bumblebee (slightly redesigned) and the new Soundwave.

I remember being ten well enough to know that the new Soundwave looks even less like the old than all the other Transformer designs cooked up for the first and second films. He’s not a boombox, for one (that role was partially taken by Frenzy in the first film) but some sort of jet that looks as if it’s attempting to evolve into a Glaive. (EDIT: Or maybe a satellite, as a few people have informed me.)

But if the new robot Soundwave looks a little crazy, Wikipedia tells me that he looks a lot like this one from the Transformers: Cybertron series, which is some dumb-sounding shit I’m glad I’ve never seen. That version of the character evidently talked like a bad impersonation of a DJ (as seen around 0:43 below) which gives me hope for this new movie. If only Jazz was still around. He could use another ‘street’ dude to hang wit’.