Waiting for my flight out of Salt Lake City the other day I watched some CNN and saw that some 70,000 jobs were lost in one day. I had just come from a Sundance where the average temperature was near the 40s and it rained instead of snowed. The economy is in the shitter, the climate is gearing up to kill us all – what else could go wrong?

Well, Sony could greenlight the sequel to Ghost Rider, a movie so atrocious that it goes beyond bad, becomes good and then cycles right back to bad again. The studio is out looking for a writer, according to Bloody Disgusting, and Nic Cage is officially aboard.

This isn’t quite news to me – there’s another web guy who found out some info about the proposed story that Cage has been pushing, and it’s head-smackingly bad. I’ll let that guy publish his own story in his own time, but suffice it to say, nothing he told me gives me hope that Ghost Rider 2 will be any better than the first.