It’s sort of interesting that while the marketing for Watchmen has been killer for the last year or so, the final phases – especially the key art – has felt like it stumbled. I simply am not a fan of this poster. In fact, the best posters so far have been the character ones from Comic Con that were recreations of original comic book ads.

This poster is a glaringly Photoshopped job; I’m wondering if the Fox deal meant that Warner Bros had to farm this sucker out to the guy in the front office whose slacking at work hobby is to make funny Photoshops of people’s heads on movie posters and then hang them in the break room.

So while I won’t have Watchmen art hanging on my wall, I remain firmly excited about the movie itself. They don’t need a poster to sell me – or you – so let’s hope this one speaks to the unwashed masses who must come out on March 6th.