As if two crappy movies weren’t enough, a third Tomb Raider movie is in the works!

Warner Bros. is set to produce a reimagining, or reboot, or redux, or whatever the current nomenclature is these days. Regardless of the terminology, this much is certain: the next Tomb Raider film will ignore the previous two, as WB hopes to launch their own Lara Croft franchise.

While Paramount originally owned the rights to the series, they lost them when Time Warner effectively took over Eidos (publishers of the game the series’ are based on) late last year, and the film rights to the game were bundled together in the deal.

This being a new studio and a new take on the character, don’t expect to see Angelina Jolie prancing around the globe as the titular treasure hunter. While the production is so extremely early in the process, no one has been assigned anything, nor expressed publicly any interest in doing so – not that that means anything,

Still, you know Warner Bros. is anxious to get things started, as the previous movies made a combined $432 million worldwide, and if that isn’t enough to get this on the fast track, nothing will.