Perhaps the most defining moment of Max Brooks’ fantastic World War Z is the Battle of Yonkers. After the zombies starting taking over the world there were a few limited pushes back against them, but it wasn’t until Yonkers that the US Military made their first full-scale engagement of the zombie menace. They didn’t do too well, but it made for one of the best tales in the book.

The story is told by one of  the unlucky soldiers who was present, and it’s a gripping, harrowing chapter. When the movie was announced the first thing that sprang to people’s minds was how utterly cool it would be to see a massive military battle against zombies. And this is how it might look.

io9 managed to find this concept art from the movie (go there for a bigger look) by artist Daniel LuVisi, and as you can see, it’s definitely epic.

The artist says- “This is the image I did, to get on the film World War Z with Marc Forster, director of Quantum of Solace. Can’t say whats going on or what the outcome is right now, but it’s not in the negative zone 🙂

This was one of the most difficult images I’ve ever done. Incredibly challenging to the point where I wanted to quit. But through thick and thin I forced myself to complete it.”

Check out io9’s site for more images from him and an interview, and hope that this movie gets made sooner rather than later.