Now don’t get me wrong, the rest of The Wrestler is a pretty fantastic movie in it’s own right, but holy shit, Marisa Tomei is still hot as hell! The hot parts of hell, not the lower frozen bits where Satan’s chewing on various unlovable traitors. Seriously, so hot. And suprisingly nice boobs for a 65 year old.

Now, the next month will find me flying back and forth to San Diego to find an apartment and eventually throwing everything in a truck and moving out there. From Boston. Due to the amount of shit to be done, Rated AARGH! will be going on haitus for the month of February. Fear not, it will be back in March as long as I don’t take any shortcuts through nuclear hillbilly country or anything. ‘Till then, thanks for your support and I’ll see you (through the hilarious medium of webcomics) in March! Excelsior!

I don’t even really know what that means.

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