So Wayne Kramer, director of The Cooler and Running Scared, is teaming up with producer Joel Silver for Fully Automatic, a movie that sounds a lot like Silver is trying to push ahead with another Lethal Weapon movie with or without Mel Gibson and Shane Black. The script, most recently drafted by Mark Wolff, will be polished by Kramer. Maybe he’ll make extensive changes to what a close source today called ‘the worst thing he’s ever read.’

Story follows two rookie cops teaming up with a female Delta Force veteran to stop a weapon-stealing mercenary. I’m told that at one point the two cops aim their guns at a bad guy’s head and cry ‘You’re vaccinated!’ before popping him. If anyone wants to send along the latest draft so I can read that for myself, I’d appreciate it.

Fortunately, long before Fully Automatic hits Kramer will be back in theaters with Crossing Over, the film that might be the last chance for a real career resuscitation Harrison Ford is going to get. Even if the trailer does scream Crash by way of ‘why the Christ did I pass up Traffic?!?’ Said trailer is below; film opens in late February.