Neil Gaiman is doing press for the movie adaptation of Coraline right now (possibly literally) and he stopped by The Today Show, where he dropped the name of the writer and director of the adaptation of his Newbery Medal winning book, The Graveyard Book: Neil Jordan.

I got the info from Neil’s twitter – – and Jordan’s name is pretty much all I have at the moment. On the show he mentioned that the UK FX house Framestore would be doing work on the film and that he hoped some well known Brit actors would take roles (a la Harry Potter). Henry Selick, the director of Coraline, had been interested in doing a stop motion adaptation, but the producers have apparently decided to go live action. Jordan’s getting back into A Company of Wolves fantastical mode, since his next movie, Ondine, is about a mermaid and The Graveyard Book is a riff on The Jungle Book, but with a young boy being raised by ghosts in a cemetary as opposed to animals in a jungle.