I’ve been having a lot of fun writing my review for Coraline, because the movie surprised me. It isn’t a masterpiece, but Henry Selick and crew have turned out a phenomenal piece of animation that manages to capture the spirit of Neil Gaiman’s writing in far more detail than I would ever have expected. The movie creates a very complete and very creepy world, and then dives right into the awful loneliness at the bottom. Now a new trailer shows off some of that ugly side of the fantasy world young Coraline discovers behind a small doorway in her new home.

Focus is distributing Coraline in both 2D and Digital 3D releases. I caught the 3D presentation and would advise most of you to save the extra couple bucks a 3D ticket will cost. The extra dimension is mostly incidental, and only adds feeling to the story in a couple of scenes. Flat is the way to go for this one, so that you can enjoy Selick’s amazing animation (as seen below) without the extra layer of polarized plastic.