When Stephen Chow bailed on directing The Green Hornet, a few of you probably heard alarm bells ringing deep in the development halls at Sony. According to Drew over at HitFix, those bells are getting louder. He talked to more than one reliable source at Sundance that claimed the film was off the boards completely. Drew followed up with a closer source, who said that while the film isn’t dead altogether, ‘it is “highly unlikely” that the film will shoot in 2009 at all.’

Which would be too bad. The character has never inspired much passion in me, but I liked the idea that Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen could do something fun and potentially different with a hero movie precisely because they would be working with a property that didn’t have a rabid fanbase. Working with The Green Hornet means the field is open for ideas — as evidenced by Stephen Chow’s attachment to co-star and direct — and that could have been a lot of fun.

But have hope — the official site is still up! That means…well, nothing, really.