The passive-aggressive parade, current grandmaster Paramount Pictures, is passing right by David Fincher’s house. Fincher had been planning to (possibly; this is Fincher, after all) craft an adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis and
Mark Andreyko graphic novel Torso, but now the status is in limbo. Why? Because Paramount let the rights lapse, according to THR. That refutes claims made late last year by Todd McFarlane, who originally optioned the material, that Paramount was moving forward with the film.

Why? First there was the initial discontent, or rumors thereof, between the director and studio based on the final cut of Benjamin Button. Then there was more reported discontent generated when Fincher grudgingly (at best) played along when promoting Button. Paramount passed on Heavy Metal, his animated producing project, (no great surprise there) and (according to Jeff Wells) wanted that Keanu Reeves chef project to go forward, rather than Torso.

The rights to the graphic novel, which follows the post-Capone career of lawman Elliot Ness, came to Paramount through circuitous means. Renewing the rights would have meant shelling out a lot more cash; instead the studio is holding onto the last submitted screenplay (by Ehren Kruger) and talking with Bendis and Andreyko about a new deal.

Another studio would probably pounce if Paramount really let this one go, but is another massively-budgeted crime movie out of the realm of possibility for Fincher and the studio? Read the other half of today’s Fincher Follies…