Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a bitch. This is not news.

also a hypocrite and a dangerous weapon against the better judgment of
women with radios all across this fine nation. She rode her gay
listenership until in 1997 when she decided to turn on them in a fit of
ultra-conservative fury, standing on a pulpit and denouncing their
ways. She is the epitome of the right wing’s worst tendencies, to use
religion as a weapon and lay bone bare with the the text from
scripture. Why? To govern their decisions as she sees fit and interpret
it to her [and her ilk] whims depending on how the breeze blows. She turned on the
gay people and condemned them as a biological error. Luckily, they
didn’t take that accusation casually [this site helped kick her ass a little].
She railed against promiscuity and illicit sex, but then was revealed
to have taken nude photos for a married man she was banging back in the
day. Then that ‘sin’ became something else she could use to “strengthen”
her. It’s folks like this who make me loathe organized religion. They
condemn and look down upon people… until THEY are caught. Then they
use the religion loophole as if God was testing them, preparing them
for some purpose.

Bullshit. She’s a hypocrite and a slimy bullshitter.

she somehow STILL has the ears of millions of women, some of which
probably actually take her word as bond even though Dr. Laura is a
sham. In the 90’s I had to endure my wife listening to her from time to
time and it never failed that she’d lay down some blanket accusation on
a caller that reeked of stupidity and condescension and I’d bet dollars
to doughnuts that she really ruined the lives of some fragile people
who called her for help.

They’d call in and once they mentioned that they’d done something ‘bad’, Dr, Laura would swoop in and focus on that.

“You’re trying to cure cancer but you had sex with a black man so you’re a horrible person who has no value on Earth.”

not verbatim, but probably not too close to the truth. If someone had
done something even superficially “sinny”, whatever came out of their
mouth afterwards fell on deaf Schlessinger ears.

she’s all about Moms. Her audience. Moms. Moms with radios, the
majority of which who probably think Barack Obama has spent all this
time as a ruse and is just waiting for his moment to strike and declare
dibs on all the white women.

I’m sure some fine people are fans of Dr. Laura. But I’m also sure there’s a lot more idiots who are.

Now she’s invading movie theaters tonight and tomorrow night with some bullshit thing for Mother’s Day.

In Praise of Moms.

what I understand, she’ll tackle many of the tough things mothers face
and give her invaluable advice on how to raise a child that will go
into the real world as ill-prepared for reality as possible.

All for $20.00!

was sitting in a theater the other day thrilled that I lived in a world
where Dr. Laura didn’t invade me and there she was in all her obviously
cosmetically surgeried glory pimping [which is a sin!] this product.


anyone would buy a ticket to this nightmare is beyond me. If someone is
a mother and has been doing it for some time, they’re probably better
equipped than this millionaire zealot to deal with life’s trials. If
someone is thinking about becoming a mother or wants to pay respect to

woman has already proven she has the integrity of a Dorito, and somehow
she’s still finding ways to infiltrate the minds of potentially good
people. The ones who are Dr. Laura automatons already, well maybe
there’ll be a building collapse at the theater [it’s covered in your
insurance, theater owners… THINK ABOUT IT] and life will prosper.

the bottom line is that this is a dangerous, annoying, and useless
piece of plastic wrinkleflesh that needs to be at least ignored, if not
sealed in a mirror and sent spiraling off into the cosmos.

an aside, she has apparently been involved with and founded some very
effective charities for children and I commend her for taking time out
from being a fuckface to do so. I think the greatest gift she can give
these children is to get them help and never show her face again.
Unless she gives the adoloescent boys her nude pics for much needed
jackoff material.