Free advice for John August: upgrade your web hosting’s traffic limit. is still up (whew!) but now that he’s been announced as the writer for ye olde Sam Mendes feature version of the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic series Preacher, I’d guess he’s going to see a lot more traffic.

So: what does Big Fish scribe August plan to do with Preacher, a series which gifts young Jesse Custer with the Voice of God, allowing him to command anyone to do anything? How much of the story, which fills nine trades, will be slotted into a single film? Will we see Arseface, the kid who doesn’t quite manage to blow himself away a la Kurt Cobain? How much of the dissolution of nemesis Herr Starr will we see? That’s the guy who eventually has his head carved to look like a penis and has more than one appendage severed or eaten before the end. And what about the Saint of Killers and the deformed, inbred Messiah, the last descendant of Jesus Christ?

Nothing is known now. August chimes in: “To answer your first four questions: there’s no release date, no cast,
no locations, no nothing. I’m writing a script which could become a
movie if everything lines up correctly. So here’s hoping. It’s a
terrific project that I’m excited to be writing.”

But still…Sam Mendes?