At Comic Con last year, Pixar showed a lovely demo reel for the studio’s next release Up, consisting of storyboards, wireframes and finished animation. The end of the clip showed ‘hero’ Carl Fredricksen and his unwelcome sidekick Russell as they drag Carl’s house through a South American jungle. The house is floating, as it happens.

Recently Pixar and Sony showed the same clip at Sony’s CES press event — Sony’s 3D projectors will be a big part of the rollout for 3D cinema, so the link isn’t as weird as it seems.

The footage hasn’t been officially released online, but /Film has embedded a very nice quality bootleg. Our standard for bootleg footage can be fuzzy, I know, and I don’t generally like to post the stuff. but the quality here is quite good, and it’s Pixar, for Christ’s sake. You have to see this because it looks freakin’ great.