Something about a horror movie starring Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins pleases me deeply. Scarily so. Two truly fine character actors (Whitford’s work in The West Wing is legendary and Jenkins pretty much is the seal of quality no matter what he does, though Flirting with Disaster is still a high point to me) dealing with God Knows What under the direction of Cloverfield‘s writer Drew Goddard from a script by Goddard and Browncoat den mother Joss Whedon is unmissable. Yep, even if it has shaky cam and sometimes spotty CGI. Even if it features cutesy dialogue and the nighttime tickleballs.

And it’s official. They are the stars of this movie. What movie?

The Cabin in the Woods is the film (covered here by Creature Corner) and the plot is a secret. Rumored to be in the same vein as the great “cabin in the woods” movies [which is basically anything not done by Eli Roth], it bodes to have some great potential for scares and laughs and moments where hardcore fans shake their head, enjoying a reference to times gone by.

Or not. Because they ain’t telling us shit. I like that policy and I hate it, because the UNKNOWN often bites us in the ass. If I knew it was Jenkins and Whitford vs. Pagan Wood Demons I would dress accordingly for the screening. As a result I have to wait because I have absolutely no juice with anyone involved though I am the Steward and Associate Secretary of Whitford’s Kids, a charity organization for children born with huge-ass foreheads.