Capcom’s no stranger to special editions (or ridiculously awesome press kits) so when they announce a Collector’s Edition for the latest installment of their seminal survival horror series, gamers everywhere prepared to open up their wallets without even knowing what was in it.

Fortunately, there’s some pretty cool stuff.

The set’s got a nifty little Chris Redfield figurine, a Tricell Messenger Bag (what, no Umbrella?), a BSAA patch (Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance, Chris’ new group), a keychain of Kijuju Africa (please don’t ever use this unless you’re from Africa), a bonus disc containing a making-of featurette, digital art gallery and trailer for the craptastic Resident Evil Degeneration and a special steel book case for  the discs.

All this for 90 bucks. As far as Collector’s Editions go, it’s better than most. It’ll be available on release (March 13th) and you can pre-order it through us at Amazon for the 360 or PS3.

Xbox gamers (who didn’t sneak a peak at the Japanese version) will get the first try at the demo, which will be available exclusively for the 360 next week. The week after it’ll hit for the PS3.