It seems as though everyone’s favorite “I-really-don’t-care-about-this-show” is coming back, this time to the big screen: Veronica Mars!!!

At least that’s the intention of writer/producer Rob Thomas, who has taken time off from writing a million TV episodes for other equally boring shows (90210, Cupid) to pen a big screen adventure for High School sleuth Veronica Mars. Now I figure the reason he’s doing this is either:

a) The immense outcry from the public for a continuation to the show watched by billions that was unceremoniously canceled without a proper explanation!
b) He’s bored, running out of money/ideas, and thinks someone really cares about this product. How many people outside of the U.S. really know about this anyway?

Well, whatever the reason, the cats over at iFMagazine have the info you’re looking for if your answer was ‘a’, so head on over there if you must.

As a side note, that article was written by Carlos Delgado, who it seems had plenty of time from being crap for the New York Mets to pen this article about his favorite teeny bopper show.

At least I think it’s the same guy.

Thanks to Daniel Baker for the great news.