Thanks to the legions that wrote in to mention that the Watchmen site was given a massive overhaul late Friday. The new site, organized around character profiles, has a smidgen of new footage but a great deal of dialogue most people haven’t yet heard. Want to hear Rorschach’s ‘dog carcass’ journal entry, or a chunk of Ozymandias via Matthew Goode? It’s here, and sounding pretty damn good.

Overlaid on each of the clips is a selection from the score, by Tyler Bates. There is a great deal of Blade Runner reference (particularly heard via The Comedian and Nite Owl) and some Brian Eno as well. (Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks shows up in the Silk Spectre piece.) I like what I’m hearing, even though the external references are so overt that I’m now more concerned about the effect of the score than I am anything else in the movie.