One of the great big sci-fi landmarks is Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, a set of novels that tracks the expansion and decline of a galactic civilization. The option has kicked around Hollywood for years, knocking back and forth between Fox, New Line and Warner Brothers. Warners, not wanting another situation like the Watchmen imbroglio, planned to allow their option to lapse so they could buy it anew free of all obligation to Fox. The idea being that Alex Proyas would bring his winning touch back to Asimov through Bob Shaye’s post-New Line Unique Pictures shingle at Warners.


The option lapsed and Warners suddenly found itself facing an auction for the rights, which was won by Columbia Pictures. Now, in their infinite fucking wisdom, Columbia plans to develop the property for one of the worst possible directors: Roland Emmerich.

What else can I say? After I, Robot I wouldn’t have been thrilled to see Proyas attached to this story, but he’s infinitely preferable to the tone-deaf, nuance-free dunderhead Emmerich, to whom you can apply tenfold every negative thing we ever wrote about Jan de Bont’s directorial efforts.