Matt over at Collider has been talking to folks in the know about the fact that Gavin Hood’s Wolverine has trekked up to Vancouver for reshoots. Make that “extensive reshoots.” That’s interesting, given the bumpy road the film has traveled thus far. Even more intriguing is the fact that Fox apparently considered bringing some online press up to cover the new work; that suggests the studio is as concerned about the film’s online profile as some of us have been.

All the work is being done by Gavin Hood, which is a good thing. Now I’d like to know the nature of the work. Reaction to the trailer was pretty good — much better than I expected, really, as I thought the clip was mostly laughable. Is Fox pumping up the quality of the picture overall, filling in story points, or adding extra content? Is Gavin Hood getting the chance to push the film towards the hard end of the PG-13 spectrum? In a post-Dark Knight world it seems silly for Fox to want anything else, especially since grim and violent is what Wolverine fans always wanted in the first place.