Proving that our NATO allies are good for things other than just helping us blow the shit out of some far off place or defending us against imminent threats from Bangladesh, our friends over at BadTaste in Italia have forwarded along some pics for the upcoming Ryan Phillippe / Eva Green sci-fi flick called FranklynRuss came with some info and the trailer on it a couple days ago.  I definitely got the V for Vendetta meets Frequency vibe off of it.  Doing my own research in our multi-million-dollar, multi-national online resource (Wikipedia), I discovered the following:

“Split between the parallel realities of contemporary London and the futuristic metropolis of Meanwhile City, Franklyn follows the tales of four characters. Jonathan Preest (Ryan Phillippe) is a masked vigilante who won’t rest until he finds his nemesis, Meanwhile City’s dangerous leader. Emilia (Eva Green) is a troubled young art student whose rebellion may turn out to be deadly. Milo (Sam Riley) is a heartbroken twentysomething yearning for the purity of first love. Peter (Bernard Hill) is a man steeped in religion, searching desperately for his missing son amongst London’s homeless.  The film traces the intertwined fates of four lost souls as they move toward a cataclysmic collision of two worlds.”

BadTaste also included several pieces of artwork of Phillippe doing his best futuristic Opera Phantom / Invisible Man.  Franklyn also stars James Faulkner, Art Malik and Susannah York.  It’s written and directed by newcomer Gerald McMorrow and produced by Jeremy Thomas (The Last Emperor).  At one point, Ewan McGregor was originally slated to star before breaking his leg.  Its American date has yet to be set, but it’s coming out on Feb 20th in the UK.  Check out the pics below and head over to BadTaste for a couple more and additional info…if you can read Italian that is.

Thank you Andrea for the tip.

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