Talk about jumping the gun a bit.

Joaquin Phoenix recently left the movie biz for a new career path- rapper. With the help from producer Sean Combs he’s hard at work on an album, and though most everyone in the world went “Buh?”, the guy’s apparently really serious about this.

I hate to even link to the site (they really are the ruiner of all things good) but the only place I could find a video of him honing his new craft is on TMZ. It’s really shitty quality but he actually doesn’t sound horrible… but it does amuse me when white boys rap and all of a sudden their voices change.

Anyway, according to the Hollywood Reporter a documentary is in the works that will showcase his path towards rap music stardom. Joaquin’s good friend Casey Affleck is directing and the first shoot will apparently start tonight, where MC Bushybeard will perform at a club in Vegas.

So what do you think? Tragic drama or classic comedy in the making?

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