Because we can never get enough zombie movies… or more specifically, zombie comedies.

Really, it’s way past time to call for a moratorium on zombie comedies but we all know we can’t stop zombies. They’ll just lay in wait and come back on us when we least expect it. The only thing worse than them are the damn birds, who just got a taste of blood yesterday. Watch the skies, people. Watch the skies.

In any case, Variety is reporting today that Emma Stone (the cutie from Superbad  and The Rocker) has joined the cast of Zombieland, a new film starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. Ruben Fleischer is directing, with the film starting shooting next month in Atlanta.

The film is about a band of survivors trying to stay that way after a zombie apocalypse (of course). Woody Harrelson is the key here- if we can get him in full-on manic mode, it could easily be worth the price of admission.