As if you weren’t psyched enough about the upcoming Terminator Salvation flick, there’s a bit of news to sweeten the deal in case you haven’t already heard about it.  Erin Broadley, a writer over at, which is the online arm of the local weekly trade and culture rag, has sent us this article about a recent test screening at the L.A. Directors Guild of America for journalists.  The bit of news concerns a certain voice from beyond appearing in the film, at least in the beginning.  During a Q&A with producers Dan Lin, Joel B. Michaels, actor Anton Yelchin and McG, the following dialogue occurred:

“Who likes that idea? Who wants a Sarah Connor voice-over?” McG asked. Almost every hand went up.

He continued, turning to producer Joel B. Michaels in the crowd, “Joel, what’s the deal with Linda Hamilton?”

“It’s happening,” [Joel B.] Michaels replied.

Sweet.  The one thing primarily I didn’t like about T3 was the fact that Sarah Connor was summarily dismissed to the afterlife when Linda Hamilton passed on the project.  I understand the circumstances and liked the movie just fine, but there was still that noticeable hole, considering the epic events of T2, the journey Sarah Connor undertook and the work that Hamilton did on it.  It’ll only add to the film if Hamilton indeed comes back, even if only in this capacity.

The article goes on to detail about bringing in Danny Elfman and also how McG initially tried to get Thom Yorke of Radiohead to do the music.  It also covers what look McG was going for in the film, a bit of concept art, the metal cranium you see above, and introducing the new character of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington).  It also includes a spoiler about him in the last paragraph in case you hadn’t heard about it yet.

Thank you, Erin for the tip.  Cool article.

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