We kinda rip Outlander a new buttock in today’s CHUD Show discussion, but in a world where American Idol had back-to-back shows last night, you’d better fucking throw down a few Georges to see Jim Caviezel team up with Vikings to fight a bio-luminescent creature that attacks the mainland.

Regardless of how bad it is, and it is not good, the fact Outlander exists is a great thing.

If you assholes paid to see any of the Saw movies, an Underworld movie, or anything with Resident Evil in the title theatrically… YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. Your standards are low, you have discretionary income, and you like good ideas treated like 60’s Tina Turner’s private life. You simply have to support your local nutty sci-fi idea regardless of the execution.

Where were you when Below and Equilibrium came out?

Plus, you’ll get to see a haggard bearded man get snacked on WHILE ALIVE for at least two minutes. Seriously, he’s the toughest guy in the film. No one lives longer under duress than this emaciated Viking hobo.

The new poster for the film has arrived for its minimalist release this month, info I gleaned from visiting the film’s interesting BLOG, where the creator discusses the sad life of this film plus the soon-to-be-Ratnerless Conan film. good stuff.

Here’s something that will not sell tickets for this: JIM CAVIEZEL’S FACE AND NAME ABOVE THE TITLE.

I wanted Outlander to be good. I still sorta want it to be seen by people. I guess the glass is half-fuller today than normal.

Note: Two years ago Sean Fahey and I wrote a comic about Vikings who fight aliens.

Note: One year ago I wrote a comic about bio-luminescent creatures attacking the mainland.

Note: Either I have great ideas that don’t get bought fast enough or I have the most useless form of pre-cog imaginable.