What the fuck is Jason wearing? It’s a fair question when you consider he’s been ahead of the fashion curve since the eighties. Jason has re-invented his look several times and the public has often followed his lead. Bag-head Jason paved the way for what would eventually become known as the George Costanza look and proved that a short and stocky Jason could dress to impress. He’s made it cool to tuck in your flannel, un-tuck your flannel, button your collar, or unbutton your collar. No sweater vests for this go-getter.

The latest Friday the 13th film promises to feature Jason’s most fashion conscious wardrobe yet. In this photo, the first of three that have hit the web thanks to DVD Forum, it appears that Jason has opted to cinch his jacket with some sort of belt. From this angle, it almost looks like he’s sporting some sort of short robe.

However, if you take a look at the images of Mezco’s Jason doll that surfaced yesterday, it is clear that this robe is actually a coat. So, I can’t help but wonder what he tied that coat off with and why? Then again, improvisation is a key part of fashion and Jason is a master of improvising.

Stunning! Check out the rest of the latest images from Friday the 13th right here. Friday the 13th opens in theaters on, well, February 13th.