If you’re like most chewers, you’ve spent huge chunks of the last month scrounging health packs, pain pills, and rifle ammo in repeated attempts to escape the bile-spewing hordes of Valve’s Left 4 Dead.  And if you’re like most Left 4 Dead fans, you’ve spent huge chunks of the last month wondering when Valve would fix the numerous exploits and balance problems in the tremendously fun Versus mode, which pits a static cast of humans against a randomly assigned squad of infected players.  Wonder no longer: Valve has been hinting at a patch release for a while now, and it hit the PC today.

The fixes are almost all Versus-related, and include the following notable improvements:

  • Increased chance of controlling the Tank or Witch
  • Increased Hunter damage
  • Increased Smoker damage
  • Normalized infected melee damage

Check here for the full list of improvements.  360 owners should expect their patch “in the coming weeks.”

We’re all still waiting for the (hopefully) inevitable patch that brings Versus mode to all four maps.  And for DLC map packs.  No Mercy is a great level, but if I’m so sick of slogging through those sewers only to get barfed on when I’m climbing up the ladder.