Apparently, Sienna Miller has less clout than Russell Crowe. And less movies where she portrays a computer program who tries to kick Denzel Washington’s ass.

She does have more sweet curves and an accent that’ll melt your juice bag.

Apparently, and this kind of shit is irrelevant and private, Sienna was too thin and lithe for the paunchy and gruff Crowe as a viable love interest in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood/Sheriff movie. This information comes from HERE (and thanks Joshua A. for the link) and they also talk about possible clashes between Ridley and Russell, but regardless of all that the bottom line is that it appears a new Maid Marion is needed. That’s kind of a big deal, especially considering how few actresses out there have the grit and thick skin required to survive such a manly set.

Honestly, I don’t care about who’s fat and whose ego needs nourishment. All I care is about the quality of the cast and crew and Nottingham (I know, Devin’s supposed to have a stranglehold on all news regarding this movie), and Baroness notwithstanding, I like Sienna. I liked the idea of her in the film.

I have one solution. Rebecca Hall. Put her in the film and it’s a better film. Otherwise, I’m beginning to get upset at a film that’s shedding talent at this stage of the game.

That said, any opportunity to scavenge the web for Sienna Miller pictures is fine by me.