One of the movies I’m extremely very acutely cautiously optimistic about this spring is the reteaming of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster’s original parts in Fast & Furious.  The first film was a good guilty pleasure as was the third to a lesser degree (note I’m not bringing up another related flick).  Justin Lin is returning from Tokyo Drift and I like that the producers are at least trying to keep a bit of continuity in the series, instead of just stringing together a bunch of soulless random 10-second dragfests and slapping a fast and/or furious label on them.  If you check out the Wikipedia page, you’ll see that there’s also a couple of cameos from other characters in the series and the film itself has a twist position in the lineup of the franchise.

The newest trailer is up at Yahoo movies and features a very truncated, slightly Bigelowesque chase to open things up, with more standard fare to follow, including Dom and Leti 69-ing an exploding rolling tanker with a Monte Carlo.  Speaking of 69, it’s kind of yin-yangish how fortunes have reversed themselves for Vin Diesel’s career compared to Paul Walker’s.  I’m hoping this is the vehicle back for him.

This trailer doesn’t quite have quite the pizzazz of the first one, but there’s enough new stuff to keep the interest piqued until 4.3.09.

Thanks to Brian for yet another tip.

Fast & Furious Trailer #2

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