While I’m still not completely sold on the Godfather Part II game, one thing I learned from the recent Community Day is that the Don’s View portion was the most fun. Viewing your empire, taking over rackets and fronts while you tried to protect your own… it’s easily the best part of the game. EA even created a tabletop card game to demonstrate how the mechanics work and for anyone who was curious how it played, it has now been turned into a Facebook app. It’s actually a fairly intricate system and will take a bit to figure out, but as we learned playing around a table- it’s pretty damn fun once you get the hang of things.

Course, a Facebook app is a lot different, and here’s where you’re supposed to groan and think of all the times that people have send you annoying invite. It’s actually a very nicely-polished game- just don’t keep bugging your friends to join if they ignore you.

The key points-

Build your career as a
mobster.  To be successful, you have to take the Don’s view –
managing illegal rackets, allocating guards for defense, and managing
relationships with other mobsters to advance your career at others’

Earn wealth and power to level your
way up the ranks from a Solder all the way up to a Don by attacking other
mobsters, taking over their rackets, and defending them against rival Families.

With each new rank, unlock new
clothes and accessories for your avatar imported from the upcoming The
Godfather II video game. 

Show off your custom avatar on your
Facebook profile so all your friends can check out your mobster and your
mobster rank.

Play against your friends – or
forge alliances with them to take down other mobsters.  Make new friends
by working with Family members to advance your organization up the leader
boards against other crime families.  

With seven different types of
illegal rackets and four types of attacks – from Hits to Bombings, Raids,
and Takeovers – you’ll have plenty of strategies to use in building
your criminal empire and rising to become a Don.

Pretty awesome to be able to play this online and not have to worry about crunching numbers- they gave all the attendees of the community day their own card sets but I haven’t been able to convince one of my friends to sit with a laptop and figure out how much money each person was pulling in a day.

Anyway, I’m on there- Alex “The Mouth” Riviello- I’ll see you at the top of the Almeidas Family.