But damn if this isn’t one.

That’s (obviously) for Grace, a selection at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film is about a women who is in an accident and saddled with a dead baby that she decides to carry to full term. The mother won’t give up her dead kid and carries him around with her, wishing him back to life. The crazy thing is…. it doesn’t stay dead for long. You can sort of assume where the story goes from there.
The film is actually an adaptation of writer/director Paul Solet’s previous short film Grace, which starred Brian Austin Green, if that’s the right word to use (can any movie really star Brian Austin Green?). This feature length version features Jordan Ladd (Penelope from Club Dread) as the mother.

I love taboo subjects like this being used for horror films, because it’s one of the few topics that can make literally anyone cringe. I don’t have to tell you how truly fucked up this looks either, since you can see it for yourself in the trailer below… although be warned, this may be one of those trailers that gives way too much away-