If you’ve had a great year thus far, but wake up tomorrow with a sense of hovering dread, it’s likely due in part to the following:

Tyler Perry is set to unleash yet another Madea movie upon the populace of the world.

Madea Goes To Jail is scheduled to pollute theaters on February 20th, so you have plenty of time in which to get your papers in order and get out of the country before this thing shows up. I myself am thinking about hightailing it across the border to Mexico, but I fear the movie might follow me even there, so we’ll see.

Is it not enough that Mr. Perry bombards us constantly with his TV show, adds for his TV show, and the myriad of Madea movies? Apparently he is a firm believer in the “kick your enemy while he’s down” philosophy, because here come’s another one!

You can follow this link HERE to view the official trailer.