Sarah Michelle Gellar has been trapped in a hole for some time now, an abysmal black hole of supernatural PG13 remakes like The Grudge, The Return, and Possession. Wait, you mean to tell me that Possession still hasn’t been released?

And so it appears that her hole is about to start being filled with STDs– or what the kids call straight-to-dvd films. According to Shock Till You Drop, Gellar’s latest supernatural thriller, the financially troubled Possession, is skipping theaters and heading right for video store shelves.

Attached to a screener of an upcoming Fox Home Entertainment DVD release, I caught a trailer for the film which was followed by “Coming soon to DVD.” Confusing, as Possession was expected to hit theaters later this month from Yari Film Group.

But according to Whitney Rosenthal, director of interactive marketing: “Possession will not be released in January 2009, like previously stated. Due to financial difficulty, the film will be released later this year, sometime possibly in late February or March 2009.”

Nobody seems to know just what the hell is going on with the film. Of course, I’m no Hollywood insider but it seems like Buffy’s agent has no clue what the hell is going on with their client’s career. Here’s an idea! How about a courtroom drama? You can check out the official site for The Possession right here and be captivated by the trailer and plot synopsis.