In the midst of preparing this article to alert you as to the new trailer for the brand new (i.e. three years old) Mickey Rourke / Diana Lane flick Killshot, I came across dueling images of the poster.  One version (the left one) was revealed by Devin here, the other appeared on Wikipedia here.  Kooky.  But personally, I like Dev’s version better, because the other one connotes that Diane Lane is the hitwoman on the trail of Mickey Rourke and his husband, Thomas Jane.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because it notes not only tolerant thinking sexuality wise, but also that chicks in the murder-for-hire world aren’t limited by the glass ceiling.  But I don’t think that’s quite what the movie’s about.

On to the other bit of news, being that the trailer for whichever movie this turns out to be has just appeared over at Moviefone.  Click the link below to go to it.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.