What I wouldn’t give to tell you that Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford were teaming for School Ties 2: Jew Harder, in which Fraser, now grown-up and returned to teach at that boarding school, butts heads with an anti-semitic headmaster played by Ford. They work out their differences in a 20 minute brawl in the rain.

But no, instead they’re coming together for a medical weepie that marks the latest step in Harrison Ford’s demeaning of his own career. You would think his career raped his mom or something the way he’s treating it. At this point you imagine that Ford pisses in his agent’s SUV’s air conditioner ventilation if he brings him a decent script.

According to Coming Soon, Brendan Fraser plays a dad whose son has a rare genetic disorder, and rather than just letting the kid take the Jett Travolta route, he finds a researcher – played by grizzled pothead Harrison Ford – who might be able to find a cure. Together they laugh, cry and learn a little something about the human genome.

This is based on a true story, so you can probably Wikipedia it up and spoil it for everybody else.