Andrew Stanton picked up his Wall*E Best Picture award at the LA Film Critics Association Awards last night (really guys? Wall*E???) and he stopped to give SciFi Wire’s Patrick Lee a quick couple of words about John Carter of Mars, his next project… which it turns out is not at Pixar after all.

“[I]t’s not being done by the Pixar crew. It’s being done by Disney, and I’m sort of being loaned out. We’re sort of using any element that we need to to make the film right. We’re not being purist with Pixar, but Pixar’s a brand that you have to trust that’s for all ages. This story of John Carter is not going to be an all-ages film.”

He also confirmed that the film will be live action; while everybody kind of knew this, it hadn’t been official until now. Another interesting point – he says the film will be ‘at least’ PG-13 if you do it right… does this mean Stanton intends on having Dejah Thoris running around topless the whole film?

Stanton also talks about being faithful to the design and other elements in his interview – check it out over here.