Because I truly love the Pusher series by Nicolas Winding Refn, I’ve enthusiastically covered his new film, Bronson, since it was first announced. And now the full trailer is an emphatic promise that this is going to be an insane film. (We’d already seen a taste in the online teaser.) Bronson investigates the life and mind of Charles Bronson, a man said to be the most violent prisoner in Britain. He wasn’t born Bronson — that’s the name he chose for himself — and that willingness to forego facts in favor of the appeal of a good story has obviously informed the film as well. Looks like there’s a lot of lunatic action here, both inside and outside the head of the title character. 

Two reasons for concern, though: first, this is quite evidently the sort of film that cuts well into a sexy trailer, but that same movie can look like a mess when seen in full. I have real confidence in Refn’s abilities, so that’s not a real cause for alarm. The other is that, of the three glowing pullquotes cut into the trailer, two come from a critic at the site that is exclusively hosting the trailer. I’m sure this isn’t the first time that’s happened, but it still seems suspect.

Thanks to Timo for the tip.