The LA Times has run a 67 picture preview of 2009 movies. Some of the pictures are old hat, some are new, some I’m not sure about. I cherrypicked some pictures that I liked and for films that have me excited in 09. Head to the LA Times site for the whole shebang.

Big Man Japan – The latest in Magnet’s Six Shooter Series (which brought you Let the Right One In) is a Japanese movie about a schlub who occasionally turns into a giant superhero who battles giant monsters. Like you won’t see this.

Fanboys – This movie is finally hitting theaters on February 6th. This preview pic makes the release a little more official, but then again, this movie has been kicked all over the release schedule for years, so who knows.

Funny People - Adam Sandler is the older, sick comedian who takes Seth Rogen under his wing in Judd Apatow’s most serious-minded comedy to date. The script reads like his best; I’m excited to see the finished product. On Tuesday I’ll be attending a taping of stand-up for the film and expect to have a big report for you guys.

I Love You, Man – Paul Rudd and Jason Segel star in the basically shapeless but good natured comedy about a guy who is trying to find a best man for his wedding. I saw it at Butt-Numb-A-Thon and found it funny and harmless, a minor work for both guys. In this picture they’re at a Rush concert.

The Informers. Based on a Bret Easton Ellis novel, this movie is gaining a little bit of Sundance controversy – we’re being asked to not review it! That means I won’t be seeing it, honestly.

Julie and Julia. A woman (Amy Adams) cooks all 500 plus recipes in Julia Childs’ cookbooks. Streep plays Childs in what I’m assuming are flashbacks. The food porn revolution is upon us, and it reunites Streep and Stanley Tucci after The Devil Wears Prada. I’ll see it.

Monsters vs Aliens. This is from the film’s first act, when a giant alien robot attacks San Francisco and only a group of government incarcerated monsters can stop it. I liked the action in the scenes I’ve seen, but the comedy falls flatter than Dakota Fanning in I Am Sam.

Observe and Report. Look, just get used to the fact that we’re going to hype the shit out of this movie, which might need the help because it’s so dark, so different and so non-mainstream. It’s from the director of Foot Fist Way, so many of you can already start deciding if you’re in this movie’s camp or not. I’m the flagbearer. There’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop for the rest of you. By the way, please note Michael (World Trade Center) Pena’s hair in this picture.

Pandorum. Non-blockbuster science fiction? Starring Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid? I’m in. This film is about crewmembers on an intergalactic voyage who wake up from cryosleep without knowing where they are or what their mission is. And they may not be alone. If this doesn’t turn into simply an Alien clone, it could be damn good.

Severed Ways. The mini-Viking revolution continues. This time two Vikings get stranded in 11th century North America. And it’s scored with heavy metal. My understanding is that the film is not a bone-head battle movie but more anthropological. That could explain why it’s been on a shelf for two years.

Where the Wild Things Are. Again: gorgeous. Just gorgeous.