It’s been awhile since I posted my last blog. Between my trip out to Los Angeles for my sisters wedding, and other things I haven’t had anything I wanted to voice out about..until now. Tonight was the season finales for Chuck and Heroes on NBC, and let me tell you both of them were great entertainment.




(Warning: some spoils ahead so if you watch the shows…don’t read this first!)




First off was Chuck, now if you’ve never watched the show the premise is that a regular guy that works at an Electronics store gets wrapped up in the spy game when he unintentionally gets the governments intelligence database stored in his brain. Seeing as how he’s just your average college dropout working retail he needs to be protected so that the information is safe, so he’s given two handlers from the CIA and NSA. The usual spy hijinks occur but with the twist of him actually being a fairly decent spy when it all boils down to it. Recently he’s had the database removed and was just starting to attempt a normal life when he’s sucked back into it. But this time it’s with a twist, which needless to say leaves us hanging until the next season. It was a great show tonight, and I recommend anyone that doesn’t watch the show to check out the full episodes on the NBC page.


Next was Heroes. There’s alot of background here to give so I’ll just put it simply…if you’ve ever read the X-Men, then it’s pretty close to the show this season. Minus the things that make the X-Men so good, which is the teamwork. Most of the main characters were scattered around the U.S. while being hunted by the government. Now I will say unlike the X-Men characters have been axed off quicker than you could blink an eye, and it’s this aspect of the show that always keeps you guessing. And with this season finale they get rid of some major characters, and one gets axed in a usual way (If your familiar with the comic character Morph from the exiles you’ll see the similarities).


All in All it was a great night for tv on NBC. Cheers to them!!!