Is it gay to say that I think Edgar Wright looks positively adorable in his latest series of pictures snapped in a snowy climate? Edgar’s doing a thing on his MySpace blog where he runs a new photograph each day this year. Why is this interesting? This year he’s shooting Scott Pilgrim.

And if my eyes don’t fully deceive me, that snowy clime is found in Toronto, where he’s going to be shooting Scott Pilgrim. And this evening he specifically drew my attention to the picture above, a rare double feature in his photo a day project.

On his blog he writes:

The double post on Friday is not something that will happen regularly.

But I would like to bring you this curious picture…

I shall be most impressed if someone can tell me what it is

What’s Edgar trying to tell us? Is this a Scott Pilgrim location? Is it a house Bryan Lee O’Malley used as a reference in the comic? Is he simply engaging in public urination? Or since it’s Toronto and this is film nerd Edgar Wright, maybe that’s a David Cronenberg location.

At any rate, I think that Edgar’s photo blog is going to be packed with hints about the film, and probably things that we won’t even realize were hints until we finally see the movie. Keep an eye on that blog – who knows what’s going to show up from day to day. And even if it’s not about Scott Pilgrim, his pictures seem to be interesting so far.

By the way, Bryan Lee O’Malley has finished Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe, and it will be in stores on February 4th! It’s the second to last book in the series, and things are getting pretty exciting. I personally can’t wait to read it, and I might hassle young Mr. O’Malley for an interview as this most exciting year gets underway for him.