According to Variety, Fox and Warner Bros lawyers agreed to postpone a federal court hearing so they can hash out a settlement over the weekend. Nobody’s talking and nobody’s saying anything, but this looks like Warner Bros is going to end up paying Fox something.

What will that be? Who knows. It won’t be cheap. It may come with the DVD rights to the 1966 Batman TV show, which Fox has been hot to release. It may come with the Fox fanfare in front of Watchmen. But whatever it is, it looks (key term here: looks) like the brinksmanship is over and this matter could be settled by Monday.

At this point, though, I’d say that all fears about a delayed release (which were wild fears in the first place) should be taken behind the shed and put down. The fallout from here on in should be purely fiscal – will Fox get enough money or a big enough stake in the profits to render Watchmen unprofitable for Warner Bros?

Justice is coming to this case. No matter what we do.